Easy Hair Fall Home Remedies

Seen those hair strands caught in between the bristles of your brush? Maybe you’ve noticed a thinning patch of hair while styling or freshening up by the mirror? While not exactly life-threatening, hair fall may cause stress and damage to your emotional and psychological well-being.

Imagine the embarrassment that in a social setting someone points out a noticeable cluster of hair strands on your shoulder; or that a friend makes a joke about how your patch of thinning hair is a sign of aging.

 Easy Hair Fall Home Remedies

As what most hair experts would say, hair fall and hair loss is mostly out of your control. It comes as a result of different conditions and causes, including genes and the very natural process of aging. Yes, hair fall is mostly out of your control, but don’t worry, because there are these easy hair fall home fixes that you can do.


Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera promotes healthy hair growth while nourishing the scalp with properties that help balance its pH level. Do the following regimen thrice a week in the morning:

– Wash hair

– Massage aloe vera extract or pulp unto your hair and scalp

– Leave for 15 minutes before washing


Green Tea Solution

Green Tea stimulates hair follicles and boosts hair production by optimizing your metabolism. Repeat the following regimen 3 to 4 times a week for 2 weeks:

– Create green tea solution by dipping and soaking 2 green tea bags into a hot cup of water. Wait until the solution cools.

– Use the solution as an after-shampoo rinse.


Egg White Mask

Eggs are reliable sources of protein and B vitamins, which are very good nutrients for keeping your hair healthy and strong. Use the following procedure thrice a week in the morning, before taking a bath:

– Break 2 eggs and separate yolks from egg whites.

– Stir and beat the egg whites until it reaches a thick and even consistency.

– Apply the mask on your scalp and hair with a brush.

– Cover your head with a shower cap and leave for 20 minutes before washing.


Keeping your scalp and mane healthy by eating well and using the right products works too! Try the Moringa-O² hair care system for the best of what Malunggay, Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil has to offer.